What I do

Every website is unique, I research the correct keywords to match your websites theme.

Using these keywords correctly throughout your website will not only attract visitors from the search engines for free, the visitors you receive will be targeted traffic, i.e. interested in what you are selling or providing.

Once your website is optimised I will market your website, this increases search engine rankings as well as directly increasing more traffic.

My Aim

The best person that knows your business is you, so working together using my SEO services and your knowledge will increase your website’s size, visitors and open up more traffic building opportunities.
My aim is to get you as high up the rankings as possible. Its a bit of a science, and not always possible. Ie, I could not guarantee to get you page one for a key phrase such as “Fastfood in the UK” as I’d be competing with companies such as McDonalds, KFC, Burger King etc. I’ll always be upfront though and explain it as it is.


For SEO services, I charge £20 per hour. and will always suggest an amount of hours that I believe your website will require. SEO can be very time consuming so I am always flexible. If you want to stop for a month, decrease the hours spent or even increase the hours spent on your site then just let me know.

Delayed Reaction

All work and marketing on your website will not reflect in the search engines straight away. Search engines can take up to a few months to find any changes.

Improvements that you see today could be work that was done over 4 weeks ago, doing a little every month keeps increasing traffic and aiming your business in the right direction.

Increase Profits

If I have access to your website admin area or website files and hosting account this makes life easier for me and saves huge amounts of time.

Sending files back and forth wastes time and more importantly your money. If you have a website already up and running then please check with your web designer if you can have access.

Contact me here, call on 01843 260440 or email me