optional Management

Making your web journey as smooth as possible saving up to 50% in Web costs

In most cases, customers won’t return to sites with static front page information; in fact, experts recommend changing front’ page information as frequently as once a week. Consider department and grocery stores, which have been changing their displays on a daily or weekly basis for decades, the web is no different. You must keep the viewer’s interest or they’ll go somewhere else.

My web maintenance services means more than just changing phone numbers or updating team members. I take my role as your selected web geek very seriously, and want your web presence to be as successful as possible as my reputation and word of mouth is vital to me

  • Up to 2 hours per month
  • Weekly Google Monitoring of your selected keywords
  • Visitor Measuring
  • Emailed Report of visitor activity
  • List of most popular pages and exit pages
  • Recommendations for ongoing changes
  • Improve google ranking recommendations
  • SAVE 50%

Only £30 per month

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