The Furry Frog Mission

As a freelance web designer based in Thanet within Kent, in south-east England, I am able to provide low-cost, user-friendly, custom designed websites for a wide range of companies, organisations and groups. I can work with you to ensure that you have a professional-looking site that fits your needs and will be an asset to your work, especially if you are launching an online presence for the first time.

A variety of different business designs

A clear, effectively designed and well promoted website can make a huge difference to most businesses and organisations. I am able to provide an online presence for both commercial and non-commercial entities, both in the Thanet area and further afield. I have particular experience in creating small business web design in Thanet. I have created sites for builders, advisors, hairdressers, cleaners, bands, an oil company, a boat yard, a physiotherapist, a young singer, a vintage crockery hire company, skate and surf clothes seller, and an air charter to name but a few.

Take a look

Please look around the site for further information about the freelance web design services that I am able to offer and to see examples of websites that I have designed. A quick links to my portfolio is at the top of this page, showing sample prices and designs.

Here at Furry Frog, I love design in every shape and form, right down to the tools I use and chairs we sit in.

Meet The Team

Neil Robinson
Neil RobinsonDeveloper
Im Neil. I like cricket, football and relaxing music. My time has recently been taken up by tending to a vegetable patch in the back garden.
Oscar Robinson
Oscar RobinsonOperations Manager
Im Oscar. I love sleeping, running in the park, and ruining dads vegetable patch! Im the boss!!

Contact me here, call on 01843 260440 or email me